U R There Photography LLC presents MI Eye on the Thumb

MI Eye on the Thumb Series

This collection started in the spring of 2016 and is growing at a steady pace. The photography exhibited is from the great thumb area of the State of Michigan. The photographer, a great-grandmother from the Lapeer area, has made good use of her time and travels to bring you these moments of captured splendor. Take a piece of this collection home with you today and enjoy the beauty of the thumb in your home; as seen through the eyes of this local photographer.

Photography by Sheryl L. Sutter

Each image in the MI Eye on the Thumb collection may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Sheryl L. Sutter, Photographer

For those of you that have experienced a wake up call, or two, in your lives; these pictures are for you. Many years ago, my first wake-up call would come in the form of the loss of a son-in-law and grandson in a tragic Labor Day weekend car crash. My second would come 12 years later in the form of a heart attack. As I look back now, the first wake up call, not only woke me up; it started me on a 12 year uphill battle back to normal. The second wake up call was the realization that I couldn’t bear the weight of the world on my shoulders anymore if I wanted to live. I had fought against fraud for those years in between these “life interruptions” and even though my brain was on 24/7 overload, my body could no longer handle it. I had to make choices if I wanted to live, because truly, dying wasn’t an option.

I spent a long time trying to figure out what to do with my life. I had a good background in property evaluation, so I became a self-employed inspector. First for the mortgage companies and, eventually, became an insurance inspector. This line of work has taken me all over the thumb of Michigan in the past couple of years and I have had the opportunity to see the absolute beauty of that area. What was even better; I had a camera in my hand.

I started planning to capture pictures of what I adored the most; the barns. Their serenity enveloped me; their history intrigued me. I love taking the back roads to any destination to, per chance, happen upon a well-hidden gem.

The experience allowed me to heal. The journey gave me new hopes and aspirations; as well as gave me the ability to let go and let God. This ever-growing collection is a symbol of God’s influence in my life and helps me to keep in touch with the important aspects of my journey.

I hope that the MI Eye on the Thumb collection captures the same feelings of peace for you; a moment to pause and reflect on the history of this area and these wonderful structures. Thank you for your visit and patronage.

Sheryl L. Sutter
U R There Photography
MI Eye on the Thumb